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Lyrics of a song about Kilbrittain's New Hall

It is thought that the lyrics to Kilbrittain's New Hall were written sometime in the 1930's to commemorate the completion of the new hall in the village. The identity of the original author is not known, if anyone can help identify the author please contact us at

Many thanks to Denis Madden, Howe Strand, who brought the words with him over the years and recited this version from memory at the Young at Heart Computer Course in 2006, and also to Kitty Madden who faithfully transcribed the lyrics from Denis's recital.

Young at Heart Computer Course
Young at Heart Computer Course,
Kilbrittain Hall, Spring 2006
Matt Anderson, Josie O'Mahony, Kitty and Denis Madden
(click to enlarge)

Kilbrittain's New Hall

I'll just sing a song for my friends one and all
and I'll tell you the story of Kilbrittain's new hall.
From Mr. O'Brien sure the site it was got
Good luck and God Bless him Twas a nice central spot.
Now your own parish priest he deserves our great praise
he worked hard to get it for many long days.
He was always alert and to each beck and call
that's the principle reason you have got your new hall.

Father Mac, your grand curate he has done marvellous work
as a labourer too sure he never did shirk.
He worked hard each day and he worked hard each night
to see all arrangements were carried out right.
He told all the farmers to bring horses and butts
to draw in some stones and to fill in the ruts.
He superintended the jobs one and all
no wonder you have got such a beautiful hall.

Mr. Buckley from Bandon sure he was the man
that designed the new hall and drew out the plan.
For plenty of room sure so hard did he strive
sixty two feet in length and in width twenty five.
The roof ventilation and the floor you can't beat
with the stage here on top and two rooms underneath.
And the great iron girders so strong and so tall
are the principle standards of Kilbrittain's new hall.

I must mention the contractor Con Ryan I mean
his fine solid work it is fit to be seen.
He's an excellent tradesman I know you'll agree
he was helped by Pat Quinlan From Bar na hi Ree.
He cycled each morning in sleet and in rain
he worked hard each day and took many a pain.
I must honestly say he could build up the Dail
the same as he built up Kilbrittain's new hall.

I must now thank the artists I think that is right
they have sung, danced and played for us night after night.
And right to the fore there is an outstanding group
Fathers Mac's grand performers and talented troop.
So good luck everybody that is all I can say
may you live long and happy for many a day.
May God's Blessing descend on you here one and all
and God Bless your grand building Kilbrittain's new hall.

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