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Kilbrittain village in the county of Cork, Ireland, nestled in a sheltered valley about five miles south of Bandon, is the centre of an area that has inherited a rich variety of historical sites and monuments in varying states of preservation. The Archaeological Inventory - West Cork lists several interesting sites in the surrounding townlands, among others it includes: ringforts in Bawnea, Artiteige, Coolmain and Garryndruig; Anglo-Norman moated sites in Ballynascubbig, Baurleigh, Garryndruig and Kilgobbin; churches/graveyards in Kilbrittain, Kilgobbin, Farranagark and Currarane; holy wells in Burren, Farranagark and Kilbrittain; a mass rock in Barleyfield; several fulachta fiadh at Garryndruig; standing stones, a coastal fort, a castle, a tower house, a corn mill, the list goes on.

Kilbrittain Village       Barleyfield Mill waterwheel
Kilbrittain Village from the West and Barleyfield Mill waterwheel
(click to enlarge)

But what traces, if any, of these historical sites are still visible today? We might expect to see the castle or the tower house, but can we find the mass rock, and who stood the standing stones, and why, what exactly are fulachta fiadh, when did the corn mill first grind corn, does water still rise in the holy well and when did the Anglo-Normans come to Ballynascubbig?

To get some answers to these and other questions, Brendan and Paddy have undertaken some research in Kilbrittain and the surrounding areas. They will report back in the form of a series of short articles which we will be publishing here on Kilbrittain.Net as they become available. It should be noted that views and opinions expressed in the articles are those of the authors. If you have any questions, suggestions, corrections or opinions, please feel free to email us here at In particular if you would like to submit any material, we would like to hear from you.

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